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                                                               ABOUT ME


Welcome to PJ Photography. My name is Paul Jarrett. I am a professional and creative photographer and provide amazing shots for weddings, portraits, events, and birthday celebrations. I offer professional headshots to help my clients look their best and help brand their identity to the public.


I was born in Harvey, Illinois, and grew up in a small town called Robbins. I joined the army in 1982 and travelled to different parts of the world for 24 years, learning about other cultures and meeting different people. My interest in photography began in the year 2004 and became a hobby. Over the years, I polished my craft and decided to turn the hobby into a business, and PJ Photography was borne.


I have worked with different clients and captured different amazing photographs over the years. 

I understand that my clients have different stories, and nothing about their journey is ordinary. I help them realize their ideas and promote their personality by providing outstanding and top-quality photographs that capture their moments and events with great visual appeal.


You can rely on PJ photography for your top-quality, perfectly-lit photographs.

My goal is to capture your moments in a beautiful way to help my clients relive those beautiful moments. 


                                                         WHY CHOOSE ME?


I have vast experience in capturing beautiful moments in an inspiring way. My services stand out because of my affection for top-quality photographs and my commitment to trust, excellence, innovation, customer satisfaction, and transparency.


I have worked on different occasions and events, and I understand that customers want images and photographs that unconventionally capture moments of joy. I ensure to bring the wow-effect in my photography and capture memorable, unexpected laughter and fleeting smiles.


                                                          CORE VALUES




I offer a creative and innovative technique in photography making. I have a unique style for outdoor photography that is perfect with creative lighting strategies that are way ahead of the industry.




I provide top-notch services to clients through outstanding practices and ensuring professionalism and strict compliance to the highest possible photography standard.




Develop new strategies, practices, and photographing techniques that go beyond what is attainable while ensuring that my clients have top-quality photographs that capture rare moments.

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